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The Legacy 165 years in fine business..

2015- till date

Manufacturing Fine Jewelry

2015, The Sterling Factory was established. Next Generation Aniruddh GG, GIA New York and Komal CAD/CAM Jewelry Design Experts are in business, we have best technology and skill available in the country and WE CAN PRODUCE WORLD CLASS JEWELRY IN INDIA. Since 2015 TSF Jewelry is manufacturing fine quality jewelry in 18K, 14K Gold, 925 Sterling Silver, Diamonds and Natural Gemstones. Our jewelry is available in USA, Caribbean Islands, India and worldwide.

We are growing everyday to better future.

Tanzanite King


The world of TANZANITES

1996, Dwarka Fatehpuriya was given his first 100cts of natural tanzanite rough to cut by one of the largest gemstone exporting company of India. The yield was 5times more than the other cutters in industry. HE KNEW THE STONE, THIS WAS THE FUTURE. He grabbed the opportunity flew to Arusha, Tanzania and started buying the rough stones. Tanzanite was the only stone which never appeared blue, he has the knowledge and instinct for the rough. 

It took no time and he was the master cutter for the stone, soon to be known as THE KING OF TANZANITES . The stone has a Magical Blue appeal with a slight tint of purple. Tanzanites are magnificant, Tanzanite became the forth most loved stone in the world. 

He started an office on 47th, The Diamond District, New York.

He has cut and sold more tanzanites than any other factory in jaipur. 

Since 1996 till now our gemstone factory- SHRI HARI GEMS is cutting Natural Tanzanites everyday.

Birth of a Legend



Soon after graduating from school, Dwarka Fatehpuriya started training under local jewellers of jaipur. He was an outsider, son of cotton yarn merchant. Only thing he was allowed while training was to sit and observe, he was given his first stone to learn after 6 months of observing at the office everyday. The training was more of a test than learning, it was checking his patience.

After few months he decided to start a small gemstone cutting and polishing unit. Being the first generation in the business, he faced challenge in sales, marketing and understanding the Anatomy of the industry. He knew being an outsider is having pros and cons. He took a risk and went to Bangkok to sell his rubies and established his first branch. He had his own new ways of selling and that helped him grew faster than the traditional ways of business. His days in Bangkok trained him and gave the vision of a great gemstone manufacturing company can be. This proved to be a great foundation for him. He was travelling back and forth to Jaipur, managing manufacturing and sales.

Back in Jaipur, he was selling goods to exporters for United States and Europe. Getting continuous knowledge and support from the market, his skills in gemstone grew towards perfection.

By 1994 business in Bangkok was hitting a saturation point, markets for natural rubies was decreasing. This was the time to move on, move main operations back to Jaipur and by 1995-96 He was introduced to a new stone Tanzanite.

The Good Son



Young Rajkumar Fatehpuriya, a merit holder student from St. Xaviers Jaipur, joined his father at a young age of 17. Expanded the business control over entire Rajasthan along with his brothers. He was the first person from the family to enter into exports. The idea to start a unit for handmade durries and luxurious hand knotted carpets in Jaipur. Exporting the product to United States and Europe. He became the largest exporter of cotton yarn durries from Jaipur. 

Rajkumar Fatehpuriya, the man with great vision, saw the saturation in cotton yarn business, decided his son will be expanding in Gemstones manufacturing.

All businesses are still functioning and operating at their best in the markets

The Showman



Seth Shri Gulab Chandji Fatehpuriya, a boy from a small town- Alwar was adopted by Prahalad Das ji Fatehpuriya. He grew up in a strong ambitious family of avid travellers, devotees of god. A true believer who took risks, expanded business and pioneered the control of cotton yarn business . A Shri Vaishnav, a true of devotee of Shri Govind Devji, he was the founding member of Agarwal Samaj. Representative of Cotton yarn merchants in the Royal Court of Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II of Jaipur.

It is said when there were only 3 telephones in the city and you dial number 3, call used to ring at Seth G.C. Fatehpuriya's office. An avid collector of cars, a showman and pioneer of jaipur.. The dynamic man who accepted changes and lived with life with pride, In 1963, the baton of the firm Ram Chandra Motilal was passed to his son Rajkumar Fatehpuriya.

Jaipur grew, electricity was there, india was independant. 

The Start



Established M/s Ram Chandra Motilal in 1857 , Cotton Yarn Merchants. Population of Jaipur was less than  20000. Business used to happen in day light. We used to sell cotton yarn to the weavers at early morning and buy back the finished goods in the evening. Hardwork and Hustle never stopped. 

Today, Mr Dwarka Fatehpuriya still operates gemstones business from the same office, Ramganj Bazar Jaipur 

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